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Resume Reminders

It's getting close to tax time. This is a reminder that any cost incurred for job hunting is tax deductible. That includes the cost of having a resume professionally prepared.

Also, if you are job hunting, you can deduct your job-hunting mileage. Just make sure to keep a log. Keep receipts for all job-hunting expenses such as copies, postage, transcript requests etc.

In January, we're having a special--a free cover letter with the cost of a resume. Remember, this is completely tax deductible.

To have your resume professionally prepared, email us at owner@coghlanwriting.com or call us at 888-530-2964

How Resume Writing has Changed

If you're old enough to have written multiple resumes over the years, then you know that resume writing can be difficult. Do you remember when all resumes began with the infamous 'Objective' section?
While some resume writers still use the objective section, most resume writers consider that portion of a resume 'dated.' In the past, there was a specific formula to create an 'effective' resume. That is no longer the case.
Presently, an effective resume should be tailored to your specific skills and expertise. What does that mean?
Well, for example, if you have ample education, but have recently graduated, you may not have much professional experience. In this instance, you will want to highlight your education.
However, if you have ten year or more of professional experience, then you certainly want to highlight this experience first.
Then, there are potential employees who have little experience and education. Does this mean that this person cannot write an exceptional resume? Absolutely not. Everyone has skills and talents. Whether you've used your skills in a professional manner or not, it is important to show potential employers that you have a specific set of skills that would be beneficial in a professional setting.
Basically, this means that there are many types of resume formats that you can use. Instead, of the old, traditional resume that followed a strict format, you can now focus on your strengths.
A good resume writer will holistically look at your professional background, education, skill, and other elements that you bring as an employee. That resume writer, will then write a specialized resume that makes you look the best.
If you have specific questions about resume writing, contact me at owner@coghlanwriting.com

Top Resume Tips

This article is on my website, but I'm going to post it again here on my blog. Although we prepare professional resumes for a measly 25 dollars, it's easy to prepare your own professional resume. From my experience, these are the best tips I can give for resume preparation.
When preparing a resume, the most important tenet to remember is that a resume is merely a sheet of paper. It is usually one in a stack of hundreds. Often times, the person who evaluates it is extremely busy, and a meager glance may be all the attention your resume will receive. For that reason, it is important that your resume is professional, memorable, and accurate. Creating a professional resume is a very difficult task. Hiring a professional resume writer is the best way to ensure that your resume will be stellar. However, if you do decide to write your own resume, keep these tips in mind.
  • Proofread, proofread, and proofread again!! If your resume has 1 grammatical error, then there’s a great chance it will be tossed.
  • Highlight your best professional attributes in the least amount of space possible. A potential employer won’t read a lengthy resume.
  • Incorporate uniformity. Make sure that your spacing, titles, bullets, or paragraphs are equal throughout the entire resume. Multiple formats look messy. A uniformed resume is neat and professional.
  • Choose the format that makes you look the best. There are many different ways to write a resume. Depending on your skill or experience, choose a format that exposes the best you have to offer.
Resume FAQs
As a resume writer, these are the questions I am asked the most.
Do I have to have an objective on my resume?
In the past, the traditional format for a resume always included an objective. Today, however, resumes come in all shapes and sizes. So, the simple answer is no. You don’t always have to include an objective on a resume. On professional resumes, I include an objective if my client is seeking a specific job or if he/she has minimal prior employment/experience.
How long should my resume be?
Typically, a resume should only be one page long. Some of my clients, however, have extensive training, and it’s vital to expose those skills to a potential employer. Therefore, a two-page resume is okay in such circumstances. If your resume is more than one page, though, make sure you include a header or footer that incorporates your name, your address, and your phone number. You should also number the pages. This important in case the pages get separated.
Should I include any color in my resume?
The simple answer is no. However, when I prepare a professional resume, I prepare an electronic version as well as a print version. An electronic version of a resume should have no color and no special formatting in order to ensure that formatting isn’t scrambled when a potential employer opens the file. A print resume, on the other hand, must stand out from the rest. For this reason, I always incorporate some type of special formatting, and I sometimes use colors. The colors, though, should not be bold. Try using colors like gray, brown, or navy blue.
What font should I use?
Again, on an electronic version of a resume, you should use very simple font like Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial. These are standard fonts, and this will ensure that the integrity of the resume is preserved when opened by a traditional employer. On a print resume, however, you can vary the font type. Use a font tailored to compliment the entire resume. Do not use more than 2 font styles in the resume.
Want your resume prepared by a professional resume writer? Call 1-888- 530 2964 or shoot us an email at owner@coghlanwriting.com. Prepared, professional resumes are only $25
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