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Who and Whom

Who and Whom

Today's grammar lesson will be the difference between who and whom. I'm giving you the easy version. Here's how you can tell when to use YOU or when to use WHOM.

First, here's the rule. If you can replace WHO with HE, then WHO is correct.

                                     If you can replace WHOM with HIM, then WHOM is correct.  

WHO do you love?
In this instance, if you replace WHO with HE, then it would read HE do you love? That doesn't make sense. HOWEVER, YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT INTO A SENTENCE INSTEAD OF A QUESTION. So, let's do this.

You do love he.

Does that make sense? No.

What about this?

You do love him.

Yes. That makes sense. So the correct way to write this sentence would be Whom do you love?

What about this one? Who is the man in the back.
If you replace who with he, then it reads 'HE is the man in the back.'

So that would be correct.

This little trick works 98 percent of the time.

Kim Coghlan

Think grammar is too much for you? Hire an editor instead. Email me at owner@coghlanwriting.com

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