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How Resume Writing has Changed

If you're old enough to have written multiple resumes over the years, then you know that resume writing can be difficult. Do you remember when all resumes began with the infamous 'Objective' section?
While some resume writers still use the objective section, most resume writers consider that portion of a resume 'dated.' In the past, there was a specific formula to create an 'effective' resume. That is no longer the case.
Presently, an effective resume should be tailored to your specific skills and expertise. What does that mean?
Well, for example, if you have ample education, but have recently graduated, you may not have much professional experience. In this instance, you will want to highlight your education.
However, if you have ten year or more of professional experience, then you certainly want to highlight this experience first.
Then, there are potential employees who have little experience and education. Does this mean that this person cannot write an exceptional resume? Absolutely not. Everyone has skills and talents. Whether you've used your skills in a professional manner or not, it is important to show potential employers that you have a specific set of skills that would be beneficial in a professional setting.
Basically, this means that there are many types of resume formats that you can use. Instead, of the old, traditional resume that followed a strict format, you can now focus on your strengths.
A good resume writer will holistically look at your professional background, education, skill, and other elements that you bring as an employee. That resume writer, will then write a specialized resume that makes you look the best.
If you have specific questions about resume writing, contact me at owner@coghlanwriting.com
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