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My Shameless Plug To Change Your Vote

With one day until the election, you should know whom you are voting for tomorrow. Facebook and Twitter is on fire with political rants, arguments, and yes, even insults. I, personally, try to stay out of politics on social media other than encouraging people to vote. However, it’s worth a blog post to shamelessly throw in a plug for my candidate, my president.
I’m writing this blog for the undecided voter, if he/she even exists at this point in pre-election terms.
These are the bare-bone reasons why you should vote for PRESIDENT Obama.
  1. We need a change in healthcare. And NO, the president’s healthcare plan has NOT gone through, so if you are complaining about how much your insurance costs or how high your prescription medicines are, then you CANNOT blame that on the President.
  2. Obama wants to regulate health insurance companies and give them RULES. DAMN STRAIGHT we need that. Romney thinks giving rules to insurance companies equals a too-controlling government. What does that mean? No. We will not cover your child with Sickle Cell. No. We will not pay for that CAT scan because you didn’t send a notarized, certified letter to our 2,991st office on the third Monday of the month.
  3. You can still buy a new car in this country, and you can even get one hell of a deal on said car. That’s because our president practically saved the automobile industry
  4. A public option for health insurance is not socialism, you moron. You do NOT have to buy into the public option. You just HAVE to have health insurance. Just like you have to have car insurance. Why is this important? Well, if you don’t have health insurance now, you can go to the ER and get FREE treatment. That sucks for the hospitals. And even if you can be treated FREE at the ER without health insurance, you can’t afford any medical service BEFORE it gets so bad that you go to the ER. With the public option, poor people can get HEALTH care- not ER care, and hospitals can get paid for ALL treatments.
  5. FDR created Medicare. At that time, many people called it a ‘socialism’ plan. That socialist plan has saved millions upon millions of lives.
  6. Obama will NOT reduce your Medicare or Medicaid benefits. He has and will continue to investigate fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid benefits. His administration has fined facilities that are fraudulently charging. And by the way, those fines have ended FRAUD and saved millions of dollars. Yes, even Medical Establishments need rules. Again, that is not socialism. That’s common sense.
  7. Your taxes won’t go up with a public option Health Care Option. Duh, if millions of people pay ten bucks a month for a public-option health insurance, then we have millions of dollars to pay out when people need it.
  8. Obama is VERY educated. Education is important to him.
  9. Job growth has steadily grown. Of course, it has been slow. What did you expect?
  10. In his presidential term, our president made it possible for us to capture and kill Osama bin Laden. NO. He did not kill this terrorist himself. Our military carried out the mission, but our president gave the order to proceed. And by the way, the United States has been looking for this asshole for years, and low and behold, it was President Obama’s administration that found him. Now Obama’s administration cannot talk about or reveal INTEL secrets, but don’t you think his administration must have had some outstanding Intel to accomplish a feat that we’ve been attempting for over 10 years???
  11. Obama is not a Muslim. He is a Christian. Honestly, you shouldn’t be voting on candidate based on his religious standpoint, anyway. However, if you make your case against our president because you claim that he is a Muslim, then you’re an idiot. His father was a Muslim. After 10 years of age, President Obama never saw his father again. Our president’s mother exposed her son to Muslim and Christian values so that he could choose what he wanted to believe as an adult. He chose Christianity. Ask Jeremiah Wright. And Mr. Wright, by the way, said in his infamous sermon that ‘God damns America,’ not ‘goddamn America.’ He said this because he believed that our country was going in the wrong direction, spiritually. And just for extra measure, the Muslim faith is no more violent than the Christian faith. There are religious extremists in every religion. As a Christian, I sure as heck don’t anyone judging me for the actions of a zealot nutball. Nor do I want anyone to judge my religion based on the sometimes confusing and bloody passages of the Old Testament.
  12. Obama does NOT believe in abortion. He believes that abortion, morally, is wrong. He supports abortion in cases of rape or when the mother’s life is in danger. He, however, chooses not to expose his moral values on our country, so he will leave the abortion issue to individual states. This is the same thing that Romney supposedly believes, or that’s the last thing he said he believes. He flip-flopped a few times, so I’m not exactly sure.
  13. Obama believes that marriage is SACRED. For that reason, he doesn’t believe in Gay Marriage. He, however, does not believe that gays are animals who should be treated like shit. That’s why he believes in civil unions. Whether you agree with it or not, if a man has lived, loved, and shared his life with another man for 40 years, then that man has a RIGHT to make medical decisions for his partner, file his taxes with his partner, and leave his partner money after death. You think being gay is wrong? So freaking what? Who are you to tell someone who to love or who to have sex with? Opinions differ, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to force moral standings on other people. Think about the Salem Witch Trials, people.
  14. If you were on unemployment this year, and you don’t vote for Obama, then you are out of your mind. Obama extended unemployment. Republicans didn’t want to extend it.
  15. Obama regulated the housing market. It’s better. You can now refinance your home pretty freaking easily. Also, millions of people got a homeowner tax credit because of, yes, Obama.
  16. If you don’t make 250,000 dollars a year, then you had better hope Obama wins. Yeah, Romney says he won’t increase taxes for the middle class, but he DOES say that he will cut tax deductions. DUH. That’s the same thing. Remember that home-owner tax credit I just mentioned? Romney wants to get rid of stuff like that and give the money to the rich boys so they can ‘put more money back in the economy.’
  17. If you were unaware, after 9/11 our country’s reputation was CRAPPY all over the world. Less people all around the world are holding up signs that say ‘WE HATE AMERICA.’ That’s a big deal.
I’m going to stop here. I could continue, but I think I covered the basics. However, the last, though certainly not the least important reason that you should vote for Obama is this:
  1. Michelle Obama is classy. She is beautiful and intelligent. She is an awesome mother. She believes in helping children be healthy, which will in turn help children to grow up into healthy adults. She is logical. She is caring. She is compassionate. She is a fine specimen of a woman. And women, we all know that the man may be the head of the household, but the woman is the neck that turns the head.
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