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Long Term Marketing Plan for Self-Published Authors

Long Term Marketing Plan for Self-Published Authors
1.      Start Blogging. There are many websites whereyou can set up a free blog. Try to write a blog at least once a week. You canwrite about your experiences as a writer, but you’re not limited to that. Writeabout your experiences as a teacher and as a mother. Talk about how importantit is to you to improve literacy. Examine politician’s literacy views. Write one blog post a week.
2.      Use social Media. I know you have a facebookaccount, but if you don’t have a twitter account, get one. Post something aboutWandering Sam at least once a week. It doesn’t always have to be a sales pitcheither. It can be as simple as “I just read SillySandra to my kids again. They love that story.” The point is to keep it inpeople’s head. Post one post about yourbook on Facebook and Twitter every week.
3.      Join LinkedIn, and join groups. There aremillions of groups you can join. Join as many as you can. Doing this willextend your network, which simply ‘gets your name out there.’  Joinat least one group per week, and participate or start a discussion once a week.
4.      Once a month, submit your book to a bookcontest. There are millions of awards for self-published books. For the mostpart, you’ll have to send a free copy of your book, so only do this once amonth because you’ll go broke and be overwhelmed if you try to do a lot atonce.
For authors of children’s books, theChildren’s Writers Resource Center puts all these contests in a book too. It’sunder 20 bucks, so if you want to buy it, then it has great information for allof 2012. Here’s the site for the book:  http://www.resourcesforchildrenswriters.com/
Submityour book to a contest once a month.
5.      Get your book reviewed. Having professionalreviews of your book increases its publicity. If your book gets a positivereview, websites will want to list your book. There are hundreds of children’sbook reviewers, but like the contests, you usually have to send the reviewer afree copy of your book. However, if the reviewer writes a positive review ofyour book, only positive effects ensue. Submityour book for review once a month.
Thesesuggestions are Optional
1.       You may consider going on a ‘virtual booktour.’ That pretty much means that you’ll do interviews for various peoples’blogs. It gives you a lot of exposure, and it’s not that expensive. Again, youhave to pay for your virtual book tour, so this is optional, but IF you pay forANY marketing, then this is a good way to spend your money. Here’s the site Irecommend IF you want a virtual book tour: http://www.virtualbooktourcafe.com/virtual-book-tour-package.html
On this tour, a professionalreviewer will review your book, and you can choose how many ‘stops’ you make,depending on how much you want to spend. Plus, you’ll have a radio interview.
2.       Another good idea is to offer a contest onyour BLOG or website once every 3 months. There are multiple ways to do this,but this is one of the best ways to do it: To participate in the contest, aperson must ‘write a review of your book on Amazon.com.’ Create a start dateand end date for the contest. After the end date, put the names of all peoplewho wrote a review in a hat. Draw a name, and offer a prize. (Most people do agift certificate- for example, a $25 gift certificate to Chili’s).
3.       Selling books is a business. If you want tosell A LOT of books, then you can hire a publicist. This is pretty expensive,and I don’t recommend you hire a publicist until you have multiple bookspublished, but there are many authors who have hired a publicist for one book.A publicist will ENSURE that you sell books, but you do have to pay for it. Ifyou’re interested, here’s a service I recommend: http://maxbookpr.com/
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