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What Makes a Good Writer?

What Makes a Good Writer?
I own a writing business, so naturally, I would like to think that I have the skills and talent to be considered a good writer. Views on writing as a talent are varied in our field. Some people think writing is a pure, raw talent. Either you have it or you don't. Others think writing is a skill that can be learned. There are, after all, countless courses, workshops, and seminars that an individual can take to hone his/her writing skills. So what is the truth? Is writing purely talent? Is it purely skill?
Those of us who are logical will tell you this. Writing well is  a mixture of both. Sure, it takes talent to write. As any literary agent will tell you, we come across some manuscripts, and we know, right away, that the author is special because he/she has the X-factor, that indescribable talent that pulls readers into a story. On the other hand, a writer who does not inherently have the mysterious X-factor isn't necessarily doomed to fail. Talent, of course, does help, but talent isn't the end-all of writing.
The world of publishing is a bit tricky, though. I've said this to many of my clients. It's almost like an elite country club, and it's very difficult to get invited to the club, much less to become a member. Unfortunately, publishing has as much to do about popularity as it does about talent. If that were not true, then Snookie wouldn't have a best-selling novel.
On a personal note, if writing isn't your forte, then that's perfectly acceptable. Luckily, you can hire someone who can write well. Though I'm good at writing, I have no mechanical talent. Therefore, I would never try to work on my car engine myself. I'd hire someone who was talented in that particular field.
 I just finished a project with business owner, August Walter. Though he has a firm grasp of business writing, he hired me to help him connect with his audience and clients in terms of writing. His knowledge, talent, and experience in organizational resiliency is boundless, a skill set I would never be able to accomplish in twenty lifetimes. However, in business, he has the cognizance to incorporate his skills and utilize the skills of others. Simply put, if your business needs a preparedness plan, then you'd contact TCAAS.
My point is this: as human beings, we do not have to be good at everything. I firmly believe that everyone has raw talent in something. Everyone has skills. As writers, our most difficult job is to analyze ourselves and determine if writing is one of those skill sets. As business owners, we also have to analyze our skills and admit that we cannot do everything ourselves. No one is good at everything.
For those of you who want to polish your writing skills, stay tuned to my blog, and I will provide helpful hints, tips, and tricks that will increase your level of skill. I'll also interview successful authors, and broach the subject of talent versus learning.
In the meantime, if you need writing help, shoot me an email, and I'll see what I can do. And if you are a struggling writer, take advantage of our free manuscript review.
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