Choosing an Editor
Editing can be costly, but it is also the most important step in getting a manuscript published. Remember, it's very important that you choose an editor with adequate publishing experience. In addition, NEVER hire an editor that cannot provide a list of references.

The following books were written by authors who have utilized our editorial services. Please call us at 888-530-29664 for references.

  1. Volunteers for Literacy
  2. Exodus
  3. The Immortal’s Last Breath
  4. The English Marquesa
  5. Behind Bars
  6. Future Past
  7. Treat me Kindly
  8. Do Not go Gentle
  9. The Beckoning
  10. Double Hue
  11. The Harlot Goddess
  12. Yesterday we Forget Tomorrow
  13. Red Menace
  14. Feral Things
  15. Devil’s Dance
  16. Care and Feeding of the Soul
  17. Focused Insanity
  18. Wandering Sam
  19.   Lucidity
  20. Hazard of Shadows
  21. Bloodshed on the Setting Sun
  22. Popcorn Millie Meets Roze Tillie
  23. The Lock of Indian Springs
  24. The Next Genesis
  25. Popcorn Millie Meets Roze Tillie
  26. Talent
  27. Devil's Goddess
  28. Luminess Legends: Dragon Ascendants (TBD)

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