Tips for Choosing an Editor

  • First, ask for references and experience.  An editor should be able to provide a list of traditionally-published books on which he/she has worked. 

  • A reputable editor will have you sign an editing contract. It’s against the law to edit someone’s work without his/her written permission. 

  • Make sure your price is listed in the contract. Floating editing fees can be surprisingly costly. 

The following books were written by authors who have utilized our editorial services. Please call us at 888-530-29664 for references.

Behind Bars, Denise Broussard, Damnation Books, 2013
Bloodshed on the Setting Sun, Damnation Books, Penny Cockrell, 2015
Care and Feeding of the Soul,  Damnation Books, James G Jorgensen, 2015
Devil’s Dance, Eternal Press, Steve Myers, 2015
Devil Goddess, Eternal Press Steve Myers, 2016
Devil’s Tongue, Caliburn Press, Steve Myers 2016
Devil’s Flower, Caliburn Press, Steve Myers, 2016
Do Not go Gentle, Damnation Books, James Jorgensen, 2013
Double Hue, Damnation Books, Brianna Lawrence, 2013
Exodus, Eternal Press,  Carrie Lynn Barker, 2012
Exobot, Caliburn Press, Steve Myers, 2016
Feral Things, Damnation Books, Erin Cole, 2014
Flowering Children, Caliburn Press, Steve Myers, 2016
Focused Insanity, Caliburn Press, Morgan C. Chalfant, 2015
Future Past, Eternal Press, Robin Winter, 2013
Hazard of Shadows, Damnation Books, Mike Phillips, 2015
Lucidity, Caliburn Press, Ray S Kent, 2015
Red Menace, Damnation Books, Jenny Ashford, 2014
Talent, Caliburn Press, B L Goodwin, 2015
The Beckoning, Damnation Books, Paul Collins, 2013
The English Marquesa, Eternal Press, Maggie Dove, 2013
The Harlot Goddess, Damnation Books, N Onym, 2013
The Immortal’s Last Breath, Damnation Books, Jorge Socaras, 2013
Treat me Kindly, Damnation Books, Brianna Lawrence, 2013
Valor Diamond, Caliburn Press, CJR Baker, 2016
Volunteers for Literacy, Damnation Books, Gretchen Elhassani, 2012
Yesterday we Forget, Damnation Books, Max Devoe, 2014
The Lock of Indian Springs, Champlain Avenue Books, Laverne Collins, 2015
The Point, Lori Harrington, Blue Tulip Publishing, 2016
Michael’s Heart, Blue Tulip Publishing, 2018
Angel’s Mission, Pamela Nerren, After Glows Publishing, 2017
Wandering Sam, Eloquent Books, Serina Bowlin, 2011
Popcorn Millie Meets Rose Tillie, Page Publishing, Rhonda Booth, 2015
Luminess Legends: Dragon Ascendants, TouchPoint Press, 2018
Dare Ya, Anthony Magyar, Jason Sibley, Elevation Book Publishing, 2016
Hushed Cried, Dorthea Williams, Morgan James Publishing, 2017
30 Days to a More Powerful Memory, Gini Scott, TouchPoint Press, 2019
QL4-Jame Garrison, TouchPoint Press, 2017
The Secret of all Secrets, Douglas Wells, TouchPoint Press, 2017
The Last Friend, Darral Williams, Words Matter Publishing, 2017
I Shall Use My Freedom Well: Josiah Henson, Fugitive Slave (1789-1883), Juliet Mofford, TouchPoint Press, 2017
Sleeping Backwards, Catherine Zebrowski, TouchPoint Press, 2017
The Consort Conspiracy, Kaye Schmitz, TouchPoint Press, 2017
Shores of our Souls, Katherine Ramsperger, TouchPoint Press, 2017
The Half Beneath, Robert Wilson, TouchPoint Press, 2017
The Unlikely 1, Gary Illmen, TouchPoint Press, 2017
Always Here, SL Mauldin, TouchPoint Press, 2017
Letters from a Dead Man, Sharon Healy-Yang, TouchPoint Press, 2017
Honor Among Outcasts, Ed Protzel, TouchPoint Press, 2018
 A Lovestruck Freshman, Catherine DeJong, TouchPoint Press, 2018
Because I’m Worth It, Linda Nielson, TouchPoint Press, 2018
Elisheva’s Diary, Rich Small, TouchPoint Press, 2018
Abigail Accused: A Story of the Salem Witch Hunt, Juliet Mofford, TouchPoint Press, 2017
Sour Lemon and Sweet Tea, Julane Fisher, TouchPoint Press, 2018,
Death in Disguise, Karen Smithson, TouchPoint Press, 2018
How We End Up, Douglas Wells, TouchPoint Press, 2018
Treason on the Mississippi: An Alphonso Clay Mystery of the Civil War, Jack Martin, TouchPoint Press, 2018
No Promise for Tomorrow, Thomas Simmons, TouchPoint Press, 2018
The Antiquities Dealer, Ed Protzel, TouchPoint Press, 2018
 Broken Pieces, Judith Pinkard, TouchPoint Press, 2018
My Life in Motorcycles, Ray Roske, TouchPoint Press, 2019
Captain Redlegs Greaves: A Pirate By Mistake, Juliet Haines Mofford, Touchpoint Press, 2019
 Sour Lemon Strikes Back, Julane Fisher, TouchPoint Press, 2019
Rabid, Kris Rimmer, TouchPoint Press, 2019
The Mourning Islands, Douglas Wells, TocuPoint Press, 2019
Safe Cracker, Jim Garrison, TouchPoint Press, 2019
Waverly Estate, Maureen Maliha, TouchPoint Press, 2019
Horshoes and Hand Grenades, Susan Boucher, TouchPoint Press, 2019
Enemies of Doves, Shanessa Ghlum, TouchPoint Press, 2019
The Ninth Session, Deborah Serani, TouchPoint Press, 2019
Combat! Dennis Peterson, TouchPoint Press, 2019
The Siege of Knoxville, Jack Martin, TouchPoint Press, 2019
Straight out of Brooklyn: A Critical Memoir, RJ Cardullo, TouchPoint Press, 2019
The Intern, Peter Hogenkamp, TouchPoint Press, 2020
Chapel Street, Sean Murphy, TouchPoint Press, 2020
Reckonings, Daniel Doeden, TouchPoint Press, 2020
The White Field, Doghlas Cole, TouchPoint Press, 2020



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